Get Back On Track

taught by Siobhan S.

Course description

In this 68 minute video you'll learn...

  • The common mistakes people make when setting goals and why they never finish anything.
  • 5 simple steps on how to get back on track with reaching your goals for the year
  • The strategies I use each day to stay focused and consistent with getting things done

BONUS: Daily Goal Planner Workbook

Siobhan S.
Siobhan S.
Clarity Cultivator

Hey! Hey! I’m Siobhan your clarity cultivator and the woman behind the brand BeFree Project.  I believe every woman should be free to live the life she wants on her terms. I create resources to help you get unstuck, gain clarity so you can cultivate the life you deserve to have. My mission is to help you go from feeling stuck to being unstoppable! 

Course Curriculum

Get Back On Track
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