Get it Done Masterclass Bundle

2 videos + 2 workbooks to help you crush goals | taught by Siobhan S.

Course description

The Get It Done Masterclass Bundle is (2) pre-recorded videos that will teach you how to get clear about what you want for your life and most importantly what you don't want. You’ll also learn how to figure out the common mistakes you're making when setting goals and why you never finish anything.  This masterclass bundle includes 2 videos + 2 workbooks to help you crush your goals this year.

"Siobhan moves you into action! She is the best at what she does and her positive outlook and no-nonsense approach is contagious. You will view yourself and others differently if you truly take the time to listen and implement what she pours into your spirit." — Sara Williams
Siobhan S.
Siobhan S.
Clarity Cultivator

Hey! Hey! I’m Siobhan your clarity cultivator and the woman behind the brand BeFree Project.  I believe every woman should be free to live the life she wants on her terms. I create resources to help you get unstuck, gain clarity so you can cultivate the life you deserve to have. My mission is to help you go from feeling stuck to being unstoppable!